Carte obiect – Hermaia, de Chris Tanasescu – poeme si picturi (la editura Vinea)

Astazi, 18 iunie 2009, se lanseaza cartea Hermaia, scrisa de poetul Chris Tanasescu – o carte obiect, in care poezia si pictura se imbina in sunete.

Editura Vinea va invita la  Targul de carte BookFest 2009
joi, 18 iunie 2009, orele 18:00 – 19:00
(Spaţiul special de lansare – Forum, Pavilionul 17)

Lansare carte – Poetry performance:

Chris Tănăsescu, Grigore Negrescu, Hermaia, versuri.
Ilustraţii de Grigore Negrescu.

Participă: Paul Cernat, Simona Popescu, Adam J. Sorkin, Nicolae Tzone.

Chris Tanasescu – Poetry performance.

Dear friends of painting and poetry,

please come and see

the ambassadors of Romanian performance art who will welcome into their heart,

with illuminated verse and word-interspersed paintings, cravings of gentle ill-tempered illuminati.

Our Latin language shall assuage the English-spoken designs, while our Anglo-Saxon patron rhymes shall depict the flight of harmless wordy swine. For the new wine of painting, music, and poetry!

Chris Tanasescu
Grigore Negrescu

Launch of Hermaia – a book of poetry and designs
A MARGENTO band project
Thursday June 18th, 18.00 hours, Pavilion 17, FORUM launch space

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